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Clubs are organized to participate in area soccer activities.  Many clubs are organized geoegraphically, serving the interests of a particular city or town.  Other clubs draw support from a wide geographic area and usually offer an intense level of development and training leading to particiation in the state's premier leagues.

Individuals wishing to participate in any activity governed by CJSA must join a club affiliated with CJSA.  Players are placed on teams by the club and the club enters teams in leagues at its discretion.


Local soccer clubs choose their state and national affiliation.  Many clubs in the Fairfield County area and throughout Connecticut have chosen to affiliate with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association ("CJSA").  CJSA is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association ("USYSA").

CJSA has divided the state into seven districts, which operate semi-autonomously to administer and promote youth soccer activities among the affiliated clubs that fall within each district's jurisdiction.  CJSA has bylaws and rules and policies that govern the activities of all affiliated clubs.  Each district has rules and policies that augment and further regulate soccer activities.

CJSA maintains an office in Farmington, CT.

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CJSA administers highly competitive leagues at the state level (premier leagues) and other state-wide programs, such as the Olympic Development Program ("ODP").  The districts administer competitive, developmental and recreational soccer programs.

The Southwest District administers classic inter-city travel leagues, developmental inter-city travel leagues, and inter-city recreation-plus leagues.  Other recreational programs are administered by the local clubs.  Participants in the travel leagues submit to a tryout selection process within their club.  Recreational leagues should be open to all interested participants who have properly registered with their club and are in good standing.

Leagues are organized by age group.  The seasonal year is August 1st to July 31st.  Based on birthdate, players are entered into leagues with designations defining age.  For example, the U-14 league consists of players that are under 14 years old as of August 1st.

The district administers inter-city play for classic travel teams from U11 through U14 in the fall season and U11 through U19 in the spring season.  The district offers developmental inter-city leagues for U9 and U10, where standings are not tracked.

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