Andy George, District Administrator
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Here is some advice about working with our web site, powered by League Athletics.

First, we are only describing the SW district web site.  Procedures and passwords for local web sites (even if powered by League Athletics) do not apply to the district site.  The address is

At the beginning of a season, the registrar of each club will input the profile of each team manager into the district database.  The system uses a person's email address as the user name.  First time though, follow the prompt for setting/resetting passwords.  Use your personal password for logging in.  

The registrar must assign the person to a team and specify a position.  If not done or done incorrectly, the manager/coach may not have access or receive emails.

Adding new games:  There is a menu choice in the left margin for "new games".  Selecting that button should present a "New Game" screen.  You may input the date, and select the home team and opponent from the respective drop-down fields.  Be very careful to select the correct team/division/league.  Many team names are the same across the different leagues.  Select to complete the process.  Note that "category" should remain as "game" for all regular games.  Do not add new categories.  You may add field times and locations when the game is created or at any later time by editing.

For regular league games, do not use the "outside opponent" box.  That is for tournaments and cup.

Editing and scoring games:  These are referenced in the "manager's manual" found as a menu choice on the left of the "admin" page.  A manager properly logged in may go to "District Teams and Standings" on the top menu of the "admin" page.  Select the appropriate season/league & division and team from the respective drop-down fields.  This should present the team page.  This page is viewable by the public.  A manager can place a bulletin on the team's home page.  To edit upcoming games, select "schedule" and choose the event to edit.  To enter results or edit games that have passed, select "results" and choose the event to edit.  The edit icon appears as a pencil and memo pad.

For games that have the "TBD" designation, select the playing field then enter the time.  The small box to the right of the date needs to be unchecked to allow the time to be input.